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Importance of sex and its role in marriage

As we know the fact that sex plays a vital role in everyone’s life. For a newly married couple, it helps to create a beautiful bonding between them. This is the only aspect which every person share their completeness with their spouse. In fact it’s a major role as a resource of a marriage. It lets you to maintain a good relationship together. Sex drive helps you to communicate each other and knowing each other. It is not only a relationship like intimating but also understanding each other physically and emotionally too. Both require a certain communication about how you feel and explain your spouse about your comfortable levels too.

Beatiful Relationship

Let’s discuss on the benefits on having sex emotionally and physically:

  • It helps in increases bonding and commitment. It makes the person’s appearance and looks very cool. It even concentrates on eradicating insecure feeling with your spouse.
  • It helps to maintain good connection with your spouse emotionally and physically too. It even helps to feel comfort, calm enough and it makes you feel pleasant irrespective to irritation levels accordingly.
  • Similarly it will make your mind cool, get rid of mental disorder problems like depression, relieves you from stress, strain etc. It helps in good memory, improves body metabolism and helps in improving better immunity system too.


Sex being a part of a life, it is enjoyable and committable to maintain a sound relationship. It’s all about asked each other and subsequently receives each other in both physically and mentally ways of approach with your spouse. It depends on your levels of trust and confidence of your spouse only. So marriage is such a beautiful relationship where its journey is completely associated with a word trust.